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Faces From Nature Skin Care is made with. higher percentages of the active ingredients you want in effective skin care. Vitamins, minerals, peptides, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, essential oils, seed oils, herbal oils and botanicals in high enough concentrations that you can count on to actually have an effect.on the skin.

.Dermatologist recommended Faces From
.Nature Skin Care is also available with your
.brand name on it as a private "my brand"
.product. We make our products fresh, so you
.receive a product that has not been sitting on
.our shelves for months.

Faces From Nature Mineral Makeup contains no bismuth, a mineral which can cause irritation and acne. Faces From Nature Mineral Makeup formula looks smooth and flawless on oily, normal, dry, young, experienced or sensitive skin. Faces From Nature Mineral Makeup does contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, two superior sunscreens and anti-inflammatories with powerful healing properties, to protect and calm the skin. New data suggests the micron size of the particles needs to be 0.1 microns and above to be effective as a sunscreen and to not penetrate the skin. We only used 0.1 microns and above. These qualities make Faces From Nature Mineral Makeup the perfect choice for persons with acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea, aging skin or a history of skin cancer. In addition it is perfect for those looking for a healthy makeup that covers perfectly and won't irritate the skin.

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